Grade 3 Social Studies

Westward Expansion Changes our Country

This unit will focus on the causes and effects of Westward Expansion. Students learn why people traveled west, what hardships they experienced and how indigenous people were affected. Learners will also explore how technological advances impacted westward expansion. The final product will include a historical perspective of life during this period of time.

World Geography Study

The World Geography unit is designed to teach students global/spatial relationships through the teaching of basic map skills and geographic terminology. Students should be able to use maps to identify biomes(desert, forest, tundra, marine, grassland, and freshwater), geographic areas and begin to understand the cause and effect relationship between physical geography/surroundings and the impact this has on how people in a region live.

A biome is a large geographical area characterized by certain types of plants and animals. It is determined by its location (longitude and latitude, position north or south on the globe), which determines the climate, and in turn, the plants and animals that live there and the complex interactions between the live organisms with the geology (rock formations), soil types, water resources, and landforms.

Our Caring School

Students continue to work together to create a safe and caring environment. Children establish goals and develop rules as a community. First graders continue to develop their understanding of how they, staff, and volunteers fulfill important roles and responsibilities in the community.

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