Grade 5 Social Studies

Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere

Before Europeans colonized the Western Hemisphere, the region was filled with a variety of indigenous peoples. Their varied cultures are distinct and are directly related to the geography, climate, and natural resources of the regions in which they lived. It is important for students to understand that how and where people live is influenced by the geographic features and climate of the region. Students will make connections between geographic features and the way people live in a place. In order to do this, students must first recognize the geographic features and climate of a given place.

The Age of European Exploration

European nations impacted the lives of indigenous peoples in the Western Hemisphere when they began extensive explorations of the region. This unit examines all aspects of that exploration from the reasons it began, how it occurred and the results of the discoveries.

Public Issues and Current Events

Students learn why it is important to be informed about current events. Learners explore the immediate and fundamental causes and impacts of current events. Students examine how perspective shapes the way people view current situations and how connections we make to the past help us understand the future. Students will consider how information can be gathered from many different media sources and formats. Different media comes from a variety of perspectives and should be evaluated for reliability.

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