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Spanish Immersion Program

The schools and communities of MMUUSD are in year three of our Spanish Immersion Program.  This popular program currently has a kindergarten, a grade 1 and a grade 2 classroom.  Our immersion program classrooms are located at Jericho Elementary School in Jericho, VT.  

News announcement - The Spanish Immersion program is expanding to Richmond Elementary School for 2020-2021 school year!

Promotional poster for the Spanish Immersion Program

Our Spanish Immersion Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Immersion look like? 

In grades K -2, students receive instruction in Spanish 90% of the time. As students move through the grades, instruction in English increases each year. Spanish Immersion teachers use the same curriculum as other teachers at their grade level, with some adaptations specifically for Spanish literacy. The goal of this program is that students will become bilingual and biliterate, and act as culturally-educated citizens of the world.

How do I enroll my student?
Currently we are accepting incoming Kindergarten students from Jericho, Underhill, Bolton, Huntington and Richmond. The enrollment process is as follows (please see application instruction information here):

  • Parent or guardian submits a school choice application. 
  • Applications are accepted from February 14, 2020 - March 27, 2020.
  • MMUUSD Administrators follow the MMUUSD School Choice Policy for Grades K-8 using the guidance of the MMUUSD School Choice Guidelines for Grades K-8. It is notable that sibling priority, identified in the guidelines as the highest priority, will be followed. 
  • Placement notification will be mailed to families on April 17, 2020

Selection will be done through a lottery system and the number of spaces available within each school is proportional based on school enrollment. Class sizes will range from 15-20 students, which allows for balanced class sizes across the district. Below are the percentages of spaces available for each school based on current enrollment:

North: JES (67%) UCS (33%)

South: RES (61%) SMS (16%) BPMS (22%)

Any unused slots will go back into the lottery.

*Tuition opportunities will only be available should there be zero students on the waitlist.

Which program will I attend?                                                                               If you reside in the towns of Bolton, Huntington or Richmond, then your child can attend the South End Spanish Immersion Program located at Richmond Elementary School. If you reside in the towns of Jericho or Underhill, then your child can attend the North End Program located at Jericho Elementary School. If your child has a sibling already within the program, they will be prioritized and able to attend the school where their sibling is currently enrolled. Depending on enrollment, the district may offer the option of attending either the North or South in an effort to balance classroom sizes and minimize the waitlist.

Accepting Applications for school choice including spanish immersion through march 27, 2020

application instructions 


Will there be transportation?
We will do our best to figure out options for families once we know enrollment and routes. For more information visit Busing Options

Can we try it out and withdraw if we're not sure?
Throughout our research one thing was very consistent and that was the need for long-term commitment to the program. The impact of an immersion program takes years to build and thus a commitment to being in the program long-term is important for potential students.

Additional Resources

For more information please contact Ben White at or by calling (802) 434-2128.