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Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District

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Superintendent - John Alberghini

Welcome Letter

Dear MMUUSD School Community,

Image of Superintendent John Alberghini

The start of the 2020-2021 school year is certainly extraordinary. A year ago, the notion of offering a hybrid educational model and 100% virtual learning option to students in grades K-12 was unimaginable. The systems were not in place nor the resources available to consider this type of transformation. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and state of emergency has compelled us to be creative, think differently and reimagine preK-12 education. MMUUSD’s teachers, administrators and educational staff have demonstrated their flexibility, innovative spirit and commitment to students. Our educational team’s effort and sense of purpose has been outstanding. This hard work has enabled us to create new educational environments and options that have the potential to diversify curricula and add to our education programming continuum. For most preK-12 students, in-person instruction continues to be the most effective learning model, but the work we’ve done over the past several months will have a positive impact and enable us to better meet the needs of all students.

Transitioning back to school after six months without in-person instruction will be challenging for some students. Therefore, the District will be prioritizing the practice of key routines, social and emotional support and learning, COVID-19 safety protocols, team building and proficiencies that are essential to academic growth. Patience, empathy and tolerance will be embedded, reinforced and encouraged as we reopen schools to in-person learning and social interaction. The physical and mental wellbeing of students and staff are our top priorities.

I want to close by affirming MMUUSD’s commitment and intentions to educate ourselves on the effects of systemic racism and racial bias, revise our curriculum to include anti-racism units as well as the history of discrimination and marginalization of people of color and other groups, promote equity and unity and recruit a diverse workforce. This work is ongoing and must become interwoven in the fabric and core of our education system. We will continue to examine and adjust our practices, policies and habits in order to promote justice, equity and inclusion for all.

We are ready and so excited to have students return to school!

Best regards,
John R. Alberghini, Ed.D.
MMUUSD Superintendent


4th Grade Track Meet Returns!


Last week, the MMUUSD elementary PE teachers were thrilled to be able to bring the annual 4th-grade track meet back to MMUHS! Please see the links below to view the two slideshows and four videos from that exciting day!


Track Meet Slideshow (BP, RES, Smilie)

Track Meet Slideshow (JES, UCS)


High Jump -

Afternoon Running -

Long Jump -

Morning Running -

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