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Reading Workshop

Across our district, our readers participate in reading workshop, read-alouds, small group instruction, independent reading and book clubs. Our goal is to create lifelong readers who are confident and independent. Students in all of our classrooms have access to a wide variety of high quality middle grade and young adult literature and have the opportunity to read a wide range of topics, authors, genres, and text. During reading workshop, students are taught explicit strategies to apply to their independent reading.

As part of reading workshop, students curate a variety of resources using digital tools to gather and share information, and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others.

Eighth Grade Reading Workshop

Reading Units of Study may include:

  • A Deep Study of Character: Upper middle grade readers investigate complex character traits, setting, and theme in fiction texts.
  • Tapping the Power of Nonfiction: Upper middle grade readers determine central ideas and supporting details in nonfiction texts. They read critically, synthesizing across texts and analyzing informational texts that contradict each other.
  • Literary Nonfiction: Upper middle grader readers determine central ideas that are implied, and not stated directly. They identify and trace arguments across nonfiction texts, reading flexibility as the nonfiction texts have a blend of informational passages and narrative passages.
  • Classics: Upper middle grade readers analyze themes, characters, archetypes, and tradition in literature. They study literary elements in classic texts, and explore how classic literature connects to the modern human experience.
  • Dystopian Book Clubs: Upper middle grade readers study character archetypes, symbolism, and the political and systemic obstacles that characters face in dystopian literature.

Eighth grade readers could be reading fiction books like Scythe, Divergent, Fahrenheit 451, All-American Boys, The Outsiders, The Crossover, or The Poet X.

Eighth grade readers could be reading nonfiction texts like Flesh and Blood So Cheap, Immigrant Kids, Shutting Out the Sky, or Breaker Boys.