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Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District

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Guiding Principles In COVID-19 Pandemic

MMUUSD Guiding Principles


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the underlying assumptions and expectations on how our schools are able to meet the needs of students, families and the community in these unprecedented times and conditions.  The MMUUSD uses Policy Governance as a model for oversight and guidance of our district.  We will continue to follow all district policies, including the Ends policies as our desired outcomes for our students. We will, however,  suspend the monitoring reports for the school year 20-21. In addition, the Board has transferred significant decision making authority to the superintendent in consultation with the board leadership during this state of emergency.  This arrangement facilitates the rapid response that these circumstances require.


In order to provide those administering the District a clear understanding of the board’s priorities, the board has developed the following Guiding Principles.  


  • MMUUSD is committed to provide an environment that fosters a meaningful and robust learning experience for all student learners.  


  • MMUUSD is committed to provide an environment where all students maintain a connection to the district. 


  • MMUUSD is committed to provide an environment where all COVID safety guidelines are followed and enforced on all district property. 


  • MMUUSD will behave in a transparent manner with respect to the pandemic, sharing information with families, faculty and the community regarding: instances of infection, changes to safety protocols, building usage, etc.