MMUUSD School Board

Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District (MMUUSD) Board serves the towns of Bolton, Huntington, Richmond, Jericho, and Underhill.  The board is comprised of representatives from these towns.

Upcoming Meetings


Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District (MMUUSD) serves and governs Smilie Memorial School (PK-4), Brewster-Pierce Memorial School (PK-4), Jericho Elementary School (K-4), Richmond Elementary School (PK-4), Brewster Pierce Memorial School (K-4), Underhill Central School (PK-4), Browns River Middle School (grades 5-8), Camels Hump Middle School (grades 5-8), Mt. Mansfield Union High School (grades 9-12)


Community Engagement Subcommittee:

Charge “Coordinate the Board’s work to maintain the linkage between the community and district to represent the informed voice of the community.”

 Next Meeting3/31/20

  1/15/2012/10/19, 10/29/199/24/198/29/19