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MMUUSD World Languages Mission Statement:

Our mission is to prepare students to participate in local and global communities with an international mindset. We believe that in a world shaped by global politics and economics, global literacy cannot exist without modern language and culture instruction. The study of world languages and cultures enriches and enhances lifelong learning experiences and achievements, while promoting greater intellectual development. 


Fundamental Vocabulary I

Grade 1

Fundamental Vocabulary II
My School
My Body
Culture, Geography: Caribbean Islands and/or Mexico

Grade 2

Culture, Geography: Mexico and/or Central America
My Family
The Alphabet

Grade 3

Culture, Geography: Spanish-Speaking Countries of South America
Grammar: Formal and Informal Speech
Grammar: Singular and Plural

Grade 4

Culture, Geography: Spain
Grammar: Gender, Number and Noun-Adjective Agreement

French Grades 5-6

“In the first year students are introduced to oral language through interpersonal communication in the target language on topics directly related to them and their immediate environment (e.g. personal description, family, friends, and interests) with the emphasis on hearing and understanding spoken language. (90%+ target language in the classroom and out.) As their ability increases, students are given ample opportunity to produce language spontaneously and without coercion. Cultural literacy and competence are developed through embedded culture, just as grammatical and syntactical competence is developed through embedded grammar and syntax. Additionally, students “learn how to learn”, i.e. the conditions and procedures that support maximum acquisition of a language. Students are exposed to written language through reading short texts based on class discussion and storytelling.” --Ben Slavic

Basic Conversational Vocabulary
Les chiffres/les numéros 0-30
French Family Culture
Calendar Words: Days, months, birthdays
Food: fruits & vegetables