Grade 6 Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop

Writing workshop encourages writers to practice work that is similar to the work of professional authors. Students choose their own topics, issues, and stories to write about and move through the writing process to produce and “publish” a variety of genres throughout the year. Students study high quality published middle grade and young adult literature, in addition to real-world texts like newspaper or magazine articles. Students receive explicit instruction in writing strategies to navigate through the writing process. Utilizing various writing tools, writers create a number of texts. When in a writing Unit of Study, students have time to write every day.

In writing workshop, students learn to communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the technological platforms, tools, styles, formats, and digital media appropriate to their goals.

Sixth Grade Writing Workshop

Sixth grade students will write in a variety of genres, including narrative, informational, and argument texts. In their argument writing, students explain a topic and stake out a position that can be supported by a variety of trustworthy sources. Each part of the text builds a part of the argument and leads to a conclusion. In their narrative writing, students compose stories that have tension, resolution, and realistic characters, and also convey an idea, lesson, or theme. In their informational writing, students convey ideas and information about a subject in a well-structured text. Writers incorporate arguments, explanations, stories, or procedural passages.

Writing Units of Study may include:

  • Literary Essay: From Character to Compare/Contrast: Sixth-grade writers craft essays that make arguments about characters and themes. They learn strategies to gather, analyze, and explain evidence from the text to support their claims.
  • Personal Narrative: Crafting Powerful Life Stories: Sixth-grade writers create true stories about meaningful experiences in their own lives. Writers develop strategies to manage pace in their storytelling, elaborate on important scenes, and deepen insights.
  • Research-Based Information: Books, Websites, and Presentations: Sixth-grade writers learn ways to research and write informational essays, books, and digital presentations or websites to teach their readers about a topic, using increasingly sophisticated ways to draw on and structure information to explain a position or make a call to action.
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