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Mount Mansfield

The eight schools serve the towns of Bolton, Huntington, Jericho, Richmond and Underhill, which are nestled in the beautifully wooded western foothills of the Green Mountains of Vermont. Our preschool program at UID, five elementary schools, two middle schools and the high school provide an outstanding education to all our 2600 students.

Organizational Structure

System Goals

Antiracism (click here for full statement)
The Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District is committed to recognizing, addressing, and eradicating all forms of racism from our school systems.

Global Ends
The schools will support all students to become lifelong learners and effective, engaged citizens of the world through diverse educational opportunities, community and parental involvement, and co-curricular activities that promote individual student aspirations at a reasonable cost. Every learner will complete their preK-12 education with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the community, post-secondary education, and careers.

The school district provides flexible and diverse learning environments rich with 21st century tools that promote self-development, academic achievement, life skills, and active engagement in learning. It operates within a framework of high expectations for every learner with support from educators, families and the community. Accordingly:

Knowledge and Skills
All students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for success in community, post-secondary, and careers. This includes, but is not limited to: critical thinking; scientific understanding; literacy; numeracy; communication; problem solving; technology; and life skills.

Citizenry and Community
All students will become effective, engaged citizens of the world with curious minds, respectful collaborative approaches, and the desire to serve and participate in the community.

Lifelong Learners
All students will become lifelong learners entering the world with an appreciation of diverse experiential learning allowing them to pursue their individual aspirations with the confidence to take risks promoting continued growth.

District Priorities

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