Procedures for Managing Head Lice

  • Parents should be encouraged to proactively check their child's hair for lice (especially if the child is symptomatic) periodically throughout the school year. The school nurse may inspect a student's head upon request of a parent. However, a regular inspection by a parent or guardian by combing through wet hair with a fine tooth comb is much more effective.

  • If live (crawling) lice are found the parent is notified of the suspected infestation with the understanding that the student may remain in school the rest of the day.

  • Information is provided to the parent as to the biology of lice and methods to eliminate infestation.

  • Parents are expected to treat the child's hair before they return to school.

  • The school nurse may recheck the student's head upon their return following treatment, if requested to do so by the parent

  • It is NOT justifiable to notify the classmate's families, do mass screenings, bag clothes or restrict the use of headphones, helmets or similar items.

  • The parent should notify the parents of their child's close contacts of the infestation.

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